Insurance Claim Assistance & Processing


The claim Number is the unique identifier generated by the insurance company with which all information about your claim is accessed and stored. When you notify your insurance company of an accident. A number of things will happen. The insurance company will begin by taking a statement from you about what happened, collect information about physical property damage and or injuries, and assign a claim number to the event which will forever by used to access records and correspondence about the claim. Without the claim number, there is no claim formally set up and recognized by the insurance company, and therefore no likelihood of getting reimbursed for damage repairs.

We at Auto Body Concepts like to help you as much as possible with all facets of your car repair including especially the handling of the claim payment. Once a claim number exists, we know that you have give the necessary information to the insurance company and a claim exists on file. After you notify them that we will be fixing your car, we can take over, contacting them and communicating throughout the repair so you don’t have to. Without you first contacting the insurance company and thereby generating the “claim number” we will not be able to help.

If the other parties insurance is responsible for paying for your damages, it is imperative that the other person contacts their insurance company to initiate this process. You will most likely also have to give them a statement as well. Getting us that companies name and claim number will allow us to take over the administrative calling, faxing, e-mailing, etc. necessary to get your damaged repairs authorized and paid.