Auto Body Concepts is proud to announce that we are a “Class A” Certified Auto Body Shop

The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation classifies auto body shops as Class A or Class B shops.

Class B shops are required to adhere to the minimum standards for auto body shop licensing. These standards include Spray Booths, Frame Machines, Welding Equipment and other requirements.

In contrast, all Class A certified shops require Manufacturer Certification (OEM) which dictate best practices and specialized equipment to repair your vehicle. In addition to Manufacture Certification, Class A shops must provide lifetime warranties on all repairs. Also, ALL technicians employed by a Class A shop must meet strict state certification standards. Class B shops are only required to have one in five technicians to be state certified.

Auto Body Concepts' technicians are Platinum Certified. They have received rigorous training in the use of new materials, advanced vehicle construction and repair procedures. 

        Rhode Island has around 200 auto body shops of which only about 20 percent are Class "A" certified

At Auto Body Concepts, we have invested enormously in Class A shop requirements which include:

  • Specialize Equipment for Aluminum Welding and Frame Repair

  • Exclusive Repair Areas for Aluminum body and frame components to eliminated cross contamination of steel and aluminum mixing during the repair process

  • Extensive Technician Training for Class A shop certification


Our large investment in equipment and technician training demonstrates our firm commitment to customer satisfaction and our assurance that we will continue to embrace all existing and future technology as we maintain the best possible service when repairing your vehicle. All of our repairs adhere to our strict standards regardless of your vehicle’s age, make or model.

The choice is yours!

Why choose a Class B shop when you can have the security and confidence that only a Class A shop can provide?


Please feel free to contact Auto Body Concepts anytime to learn more about our continued commitment and dedication to our customers since 1985!