One of our long time customers made the mistake of taking their  Honda Odyssey to a "Direct Repair Shop" on the advice of their Insurance company. Needles to say, the outcome was disastrous. Our Customer, "Chuck A." Called us at Auto Body Concepts to see if we could help him.

This is Chuck's Story

In short, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the repair performed by Greg Gabel at Auto Body Concepts ( and I will be putting in a positive review on Yelp, as well. The paint is beautiful, panels aligned, and attention to detail and craftsmanship are evident in this work. 


This contrasts markedly with our experience with the Liberty Mutual preferred Repair Facility, Flood Ford in East Greenwich.  There, the vehicle sat for nearly a week, untouched.  I stopped by on Thursday to grab our EzPass and to see how it was coming, and was surprised to find it blocked in by other vehicles, unlocked and with the key in the ignition.  I was told the repair was delayed while they were negotiating with LM for more money, as the repair was more serious than LM had estimated.  On Friday, the vehicle was somehow done by 5pm.  I picked it up and was able to see the next day in daylight how poor the repair was, with paint drips and a miss-aligned panel.  I called and was told by LM to take it back to the facility for remediation, but I was not eager to compound the error. 


As a long-time (25 years) low-claim customer of Liberty Mutual for home and vehicle policies, this was a very discouraging experience.  When rust began to appear, we knew we needed the repair done properly.  I appreciate the time and effort that went into correcting this on your part.  I am also of the expectation that Liberty Mutual will ensure that the time and efforts of Auto Body Concepts are properly compensated. I have cc'd Mr. Gabel this email to let him know of my appreciation for the exceptional quality of his work and that I will definitely make sure that we use his facility for any future new needs, with the knowledge that any repair there will only need to be done one time.



Chuck A.

Images of 2010 Honda Oydssey Re-Repair

When Chuck's Honda Oydssey arrived at our shop it was immediately evident that

the previous repair was botched.

We removed the left rear quarter panel only to discover rusted sections resulting from un-repaired sections of critical components

Un-repaired, hidden damage and rust is evident here. The long term result would have been disastrous as the rust would have migrated to adjacent panels

The entire left rear quarter panel was removed to expose hidden damage and premature rusting

On our initial inspection of the damage from the previous, botched repair we discovered the non-replacement of critical

components as well as premature rusting

The completed vehicle (right) has been repaired to Auto Body Concepts' exacting standards. New panels and sub-assembly's have been installed, the repaired damage was refinished and detailed. And most importantly, Auto Body Concepts provides a life time warranty on all repairs!

Completed Repair